"China: Time of Xi" is produced by Meridian Line Film and invested by Discovery Channel.

The documentary is divided into three parts.

The first episode "People's Republic" elaborates on President Xi Jinping's People-Centered Strategy by providing stories of ordinary people benefitting from the targeted poverty alleviation plan, medical reforms, investment in education and high-speed train network construction.

The second episode "Running China Now" documents supply-side reform, technological innovation and environmental protection to explain China's new development concepts and to display its success in putting them into practice.

The third episode "All Aboard" describes the stories of the Belt and Road Initiative, the Mombasa-Nairobi Railway and China Railway Express, in order to explain the concept of "community of a shared future" as proposed by President Xi, and to convey the opportunities that China's peaceful development has generated for the rest of the world.

People's Republic
Running China Now
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